Top 5 podcasts for 2017


Today’s post is about my favorite podcasts. It is one of my favorite thing to put on my pod list and clean the house, walk the dogs or putting on make-up. I love each one so much I’ve decided to post about. Please comment below your favorite podcast so I can check them out!

We will count down as it seems appropriate.

5. The Black Tapes, if you are into scary stories this one will make you sleep with the light on. It is spooky, give it a couple episodes and it will have you not sleeping in no time. I would suggest people to listen to this podcast only if they believe in the devil but then maybe that’s why you should NOT have a listen.

4. The Chalene Show, she is cute and bubbly and I love everything she talks about! From her weightless journey and recent gut health episodes to her organizing  and goal keeping episodes. She is a Go Getter and makes me feel motivated to keep going as well. She also has a Build Your Tribe podcast which is great for any and every entrepreneur.

3. Dr. Laura, if you are breathing you should be listening to this amazing women. She is the reason I have cut some people out of my life and why I glorify in others. She is a straight shooter and there will be an episode you can relate too and take some much needed advice. She is very conservative but I grew up that way so I don’t mind being reminded of where I came from. Makes me feel like I’m talking to my mother, miss you mom!

2. Your Motivational High Five, I love this guy and this podcast. I love that the episodes are short and super inspiring. I love his voice and the way he talks, he writes music and the music he writes for the podcast is amazing. If you need some motivation and want to change your way of thinking have a listen to his podcast while you get ready in the morning it’s the best way to start your day. The afirmations at the end make you feel awkward in the beginning but they really help. This podcast was a close first.

 1. Lore, I love history and this man is a genius with storytelling. To the music straight down to the spooky history Gareth and I have a habit of listening to it before bed. It’s helped with my insomnia because it distracts me into going to bed and it makes me look forward to night time. It also reminds me of one of my best friends, Skyer and Matthew because they introduced us to this podcast and I am forever in their debt. And hence the reason I am sharing my favorites. We don’t do this enough on social media, we see the popular videos and memes but we are lacking in knowledge and things that are good for us. Download this podcast now, it will entertain you for avery long time and it’s turning into a Tv series so you will be trendy as well.

Thank you for coming to the party today at Anything Girly. I appreciate your support with this new blog. Let me know who you are by commenting below and letting me know what you think. Suggestions and comments welcome. And if you like what you see the best compliment is sharing a post, so feel free… if you are so inclined.

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