6 Tips From a Photographer

How To Make The Most Of Your Photoshoot Session.

Thank you for coming to the party today, I had a great opportunity to work with some very talented people here in Columbus this past week. Caroline Hilty is an amazing photographer and she has made a list of tips to help anyone have a successful photoshoot. She is an amazing  photographer with over 10 years experience shooting family portraits to senior pictures to the most special of days, weddings. I recently did a photoshoot with her and got her tips help you be more at ease and get exactly the photos you were looking for. Here are her tips…

  1. Communicate with you photographer in advance, what are your expectations for the session, what are your concerns? Do you have sensitive eyes or what do you dislike about pictures of yourself? Let your photographer know any concerns you have so you can feel at ease during your shoot to help it be the outcome you are anticipating.
  2. Plan ahead with your photographer, location and style and make sure you plan time accordingly . Give yourself plenty of time on shoot day. Do not forget drive time, time for getting ready or time for the session. If the plan is a one hour shoot, plan on it taking a little longer.  Good photography is always based on good lighting and we are always at the mercy of Mother Nature when on location. So keep this all in mind when planning your photoshoot.
  3. Come to your session stress free. Listen to a favorite song or just meditate in silence, whatever it takes. Basically come in a good mood, if you are stressed it will show in your pictures. Planning out the day using the tips above will help in making your time more enjoyable and less stressful. Another great Tip I tell people is to let your photographer know if you need to take a break and focus on breathing. Think happy thoughts or about something that puts you in a happy place. How you are feeling shows through the pictures and that is something that cannot be edited.
  4. Be camera ready for your shoot, hair and makeup is done and ready to start shooting immediately. Make sure you have a clean manicure and/or polished nails. Clean pressed clothes and shoes. Take extra good care of your skin the week of your session, however donʼt do anything drastic or try anything new.
  5. Hydration = Beauty! Donʼt over do it with drinking the night before, try to eat less salt and drink plenty of water leading up to your session. Remember to drink water and eat a light snack before your session you donʼt want to be tired and you could be standing for long periods of time. I tell my clients to bring water and a snack to help keep their energy levels up.
  6. Trust your photographer, I know it sounds easy but let them create. They want to make you look good and if you already communicated your expectations you should be on the same page. If you donʼt trust them they might lack the confidence to do a great job for you and you both are wasting eachother’s time.

I hope these tips help you have a successful photoshoot amazing photographs. If you are reading this and from Columbus please go to my website and add me on social media, I would love to work with you.

-Caroline Hilty/Photographer


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Thanks again for coming to the party, I’d love to know who you are so comment below on any tips you have that have helped you when getting your photo taken.


P.S. I’m excited to show you all the photo’s Carline Hinty Photography took, the session was beautiful and totally glam out girly. Stay Tuned. As a party gift please enjoy Caroline Hilty’s Photographs. She doesn’t just take pictures she creates long lasting memories.


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