5 reasons Pageants Taught me How to build Confidence.

5 Ways to Gain Confidence

Yes, I’m a former pageant queen. Some of  you might be surprised or some of you may not. It’s not popular to do pageants now a days and there are many stereotypes of what a pageant girl is. And this post is NOT going into that. I wanted to share with you how pageants helped me gain confidence and taught me the foundations of how to gain self worth.


(Here is a pic of my friend and I singing at the Pageant when I gave up my crown.)

1. Got me out of my comfort zone so many times I couldn’t count. Not only did you have to do the obvious walk in  your bathing suit but you had to learn to talk to anyone and everyone. Go to events you usually wouldn’t attend and sing in front of people which I wouldn’t usually do. These basic things were hard for me and sometimes still are. You must step out of your comfort zone and since the pageant world I try to step out of it a couple times a week. The cool thing is what was scary a year ago just comes naturally now. It’s a great confidence builder to look back and see how living out of your comfort zone changes you and makes you a better person.

2. Pageants taught me to look beyond myself and give to others. To do a pageant you have to do a ton of volunteer work and I’m proud to say that since my pageant year many many years ago I am still involved in many organizations. I actually noticed that my volunteer work looks better on my resume then my actually job experience. Go me!

3. Pageants taught me to do self care daily. From staying active and working out or making sure I’ve painted my nails. When you take the time to take care of yourself your able to take care of others better and achieve your goals easier. So if its doing to yoga and meditating or going for a hike. Drawing or painting doing something creative? Find something that you enjoy that fulfills you and do it often in not daily. This will do wonders for your mood and self confidence. I know it works for me.

4. Pageants taught me to set goals some of them are monthly some take the whole year to achieve. In the pageant world you learn to do something every day to achieve these goals. This mentality has helped me learn software, start a YouTube channel, lose weight, start a business, learn new hobbies and is currently helping me learn a language. If you met me 10 years ago you would not recognize me today. I love that. And pageants taught me this way of life.

5. Pageants are a competition and because of this it taught me to support everyone. Everyone deserves to succeed in a competition or business and even life. And because of this statement it’s helped me evaluate people in my life and keep the good ones close and let go of others that are toxic. The good ones will support you no matter what and in return you can support them. Some people will always find the dark in the light and I’ve learned to put those people on a certain shelf. I am trying to live my life as open and and honest as I can and I can’t deal with fake peeps anymore. Plus you don’t get anywhere in business if you don’t have a team of people supporting each other and assisting each other. So reap what you sow and find your tribe.

If you have a chance to do a pageant I would highly suggest you should. And if your like me you probably don’t need a pageant to  wear a pretty dress. That can be any day of the week, so go wear your invisible crown today and put on a pretty dress because every women can choose to be a beauty queen.

Not sure how to put on a crown? Here is a video I made years ago having some fun teaching someone how to put on a crown. What do you think? Several cups of coffee might have attributed to the quirkyness.

Thanks for coming to the party I appreciate your support in Anything Girly!



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